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Saudi Arabia unveils new aviation strategy to boost industry performance

Saudi Arabia unveils new aviation strategy to boost industry performance
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Saudi Arabia introduces economic policy to elevate airport operations.

The new directive encourages Privatization and diversified revenue streams for airports.

Saudi Airports to align with global standards, boosting attractiveness for air traffic.

Saudi Arabia's airport operations are poised for a notable enhancement spurred by a freshly introduced economic policy.
The General Authority of Civil Aviation has revealed that starting October 30th, the policy will instate rules governing airports, ground support, air freight, and flight services.

The new directive encourages the transition to private airport ownership, streamlines the entry process for potential investors in aviation, and grants airport managers the discretion to determine wages based on their strategies.

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Moreover, the regulation allows airport managers to augment their income through varied means, emphasizing revenue streams beyond navigational services.

Such an initiative is expected to stimulate airports to broaden their range of services and business ventures, aligning them with global standards and making them more enticing for air traffic.

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