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Saudi National Day: ROSHN celebrates 93 years of the Kingdom with a visionary 93-Plant initiative

Saudi National Day: ROSHN celebrates 93 years of the Kingdom with a visionary 93-Plant initiative
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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ROSHN unveils 93 Tree-Planting initiatives on Saudi Arabia's 93rd National Day.

Saudi Green Initiative and ROSHN's CSR Program YUHYEEK Champion Environmental Stewardship.

Ghada AlRumayan commits to a Greener Future: our gift to our homeland.

As Saudi Arabia commemorates its 93rd National Day, ROSHN, the foremost national real estate developer funded by PIF, unveils 93 innovative tree-planting endeavors. Matching the day's spirit, ROSHN's gesture aligns seamlessly with the Saudi Green Initiative spearheaded by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the crown prince and ROSHN's Board of Directors chairman. This initiative showcases the nation's commitment to greening Saudi landscapes, enhancing environmental consciousness, and improving the quality of life.

ROSHN is deeply aligned with the Saudi Green Initiative's core principles, a sentiment echoed in its CSR program, YUHYEEK. This program underscores ROSHN's commitment to environmental preservation. ROSHN's Group Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Ghada AlRumayan, is the driving force behind these inspired efforts. She aims to rejuvenate the land while establishing a genuine bond with the community.

With these ventures, ROSHN emerges as a model of sustainable advancement, outlining a clear roadmap for the future. The company's promise to plant over 65,000 trees demonstrates their varied methods that resonate with environmental protection and broad community betterment.

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Spanning the vast Saudi landscapes, these projects collaborate with educational institutions, enhancing environmental awareness among students. ROSHN's method entails distributing saplings, instilling nature appreciation in the youth, and cultivating mangroves in strategic areas to bolster natural defenses for adjacent communities.

Marking the 93rd Saudi National Day, Ghada AlRumayan shared, "Today, we stand tall with immense pride and clear intent. Our journey is a testament to our nation's grand legacy. The ROSHN Green Initiative is our gift to our homeland, signifying more than mere planting. It's our heartful tribute to our land, an expression of love and allegiance. From our youth, who plant with hope, to the insightful leadership of our nation, this endeavor reflects unity, dedication, and progress. Our nation's tale is rooted in our rich past, nurtured by its citizens, and guided by our leaders. As we grow daily, we're charting a brighter, sustainable future. On this day, we renew our commitment to a greener Saudi Arabia. I commend the collective spirit of optimism, unity, and the rich legacy we're forging for the future generations."

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