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STC Group launches Saudi’s most significant 5G network expansion

STC Group launches Saudi's most significant 5G network expansion
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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STC Group announces unprecedented 5G network expansion across Saudi Arabia.

STC's "Dare" strategy drives 5G coverage to over 90% in major Saudi cities.

Tawal, an STC subsidiary, achieved a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions amidst the 5G rollout.

Saudi-based telecom giant STC Group has unveiled its most ambitious 5G network expansion.
This extensive project will extend the current 5G network to over 75 cities and regions within Saudi Arabia, amplifying their prior achievement of reaching 90% of major urban areas. The investment by STC Group is aimed at bolstering the digital economy, fostering local digital content, generating quality employment, and enhancing the digital quality of life in alignment with their growth vision.

Saudi Arabia commenced its digital transformation in 2006 when residents could access the internet via mobile phones using 3G services from the Saudi Telecom Company, now recognized as STC Group. Their digital journey can be traced back to the first-generation networks of the late 1990s.

2011 saw the arrival of 4G, enabling users to stream videos and explore a more prosperous application universe. But 2018 was groundbreaking, as STC Group initiated the 5G network, marking a transformative era in the region's communication and IT sectors.

Despite differing developmental standards, the MENA region saw the commercial 5G network debut, ushering in an age where physical and digital realms meld seamlessly, delivering rapid speeds and negligible latency.

STC Group, a regional ICT domain forerunner, is spearheading a comprehensive 5G expansion to strengthen its infrastructure and elevate user interaction.

A representative from the company emphasized the pivotal role of the 5G network in catalyzing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, underpinning IoT, AI, and advanced machine learning. By 2019, STC Group had covered over 35% of the population in five key Saudi cities. This expanded to 75 cities the following year.
This expansive trajectory was fueled by STC Group's "Dare" strategy, emphasizing growth, user experience enhancement, digitization, and accelerated performance. By 2022, over 90% of cell sites in major cities had 5G, and enhanced bandwidth was rolled out in Riyadh and Jeddah.

STC Group aims higher this year, emphasizing elevating its 5G infrastructure across primary cities, ensuring superior service quality for individual and business clients, and reinforcing its position as the region's premier digital catalyst.

STC Group remains committed to modern digital solutions, matching global aspirations, and underscoring the significance of energy efficiency across its ventures. Despite growth and energy consumption challenges, the group is committed to pursuing eco-friendly solutions for the 16,000 towers earmarked for 5G expansion.

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In 2022, Tawal, STC's tower-centric subsidiary, reported a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, achieved through innovation and eco-conscious strategies. With a portfolio of over 16,000 towers, Tawal has slashed its diesel-powered facilities from 1,718 to 1,045, reflecting a strong environmental commitment.

In sum, STC Group's expansive 5G strategy considers technological, economic, and ecological dimensions, pivoting from merely consuming technology to producing it. The overarching vision is to bolster Saudi Arabia's digital economy through integrated digital enablement.

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