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Tesla AI is capable of yoga and more

Tesla AI is capable of yoga and more
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Tesla Unveils 'Optimus': A humanoid robot skilled in yoga and object sorting.

Elon Musk lauds progress as Tesla's Optimus demonstrates advanced flexibility and task adaptability.

Tesla's official X account showcases the Optimus robot's End-to-End neural network capabilities.

Tesla released an intriguing video showcasing its humanoid robot, 'Optimus.' This robot demonstrates a range of abilities, from performing yoga to color-based block sorting. Impressively, the video shows the robot sorting objects with human-like dexterity. Optimus efficiently adapts and executes even when humans introduce complexities to their tasks.

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Notably, Optimus can emulate yoga movements, showing notable balance and flexibility, such as standing on a single leg and extending its limbs. Furthermore, Tesla highlighted that Optimus can extend its limbs based on visual and joint positional data and has self-calibration capabilities for its arms and legs.

On its official X account, Tesla introduced the video, commenting, "Optimus now autonomously sorts items. Its neural network operates end-to-end: video input results in control outputs. Join us in advancing Optimus (& refining its yoga routine)."
Responding to the video, Tesla CEO Elon Musk briefly described it as "Progress."

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