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UAE launches new Arab history archives program

UAE launches new Arab history archives program
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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UAE's National Library partners with the Emirates Literature Foundation for the 'Knowledge Circle' program on Arab history.

NLA's 'Knowledge Circle' Series: A deep dive into the role of archives in documenting Arab culture and history.

Emirates Literature Foundation hails a knowledge circle as a pivotal step to deepen cultural understanding through archives.

The UAE's National Library and Archives, partnered with the Emirates Literature Foundation, has introduced a new initiative, the Knowledge Circle. This program emphasizes the significance of chronicling Arab history and culture.

Scheduled monthly sessions from Sept. 20 until March 2024 will bring together esteemed speakers from the UAE and globally.

Abdullah Majid Al-Ali, the Director-General of the NLA, recently mentioned, "The National Library and Archives uphold the value of conserving archival materials, ensuring public access and accessibility. Moreover, they underscore the essence of retaining a documentation record vital for preserving the nation's collective memory."

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The Knowledge Circle discussions will delve into the role of archives in conserving history, delineating culture, and fostering mutual understanding within the Arab realm. These sessions will trace the influence of libraries in shaping the region from the early Islamic era to contemporary times.
This initiative marks a segment of the NLA's second cultural season, emphasizing the critical role of information in sculpting a promising future.

Isobel Abulhoul, the Emirates Literature Foundation's founder, advisor, and trustee, recognized the Knowledge Circle as a "significant endeavor symbolizing our dedication to fostering avenues for individuals to enhance their grasp of cultural evolution." She anticipates the inaugural session to illuminate the profound influence of archival frameworks on societal structures.

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