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Abu Dhabi’s FAB partners with Microsoft to accelerate AI adoption in financial services

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) and Microsoft join forces to launch an AI Innovation Hub for financial services, aiming to boost innovation and enhance customer experience globally.

The hub will accelerate the adoption of AI technology in banking, introducing product personalization, AI risk models, and new solutions.

Hana Al Rostamani, CEO of FAB, highlights the bank's commitment to innovation, partnering with Microsoft to drive advances in AI, automation, and machine learning.

Naim Yazbeck, UAE General Manager at Microsoft Gulf, emphasizes the partnership's goal of establishing FAB as a leader in innovation.

FAB has been at the forefront of technology innovation, integrating AI and blockchain to offer customers a seamless digital banking experience.

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This initiative aligns with the UAE's AI strategy, aiming to position the country as a global leader in AI by 2031.

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