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BOTIM App by Astra Tech provides Chat-based services from Airline reservations to Bond Acquisitions

BOTIM App by Astra Tech provides Chat-based services from Airline reservations to Bond Acquisitions
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Astra Tech's BOTIM partners with Etihad Airways for streamlined Chat-based flight bookings.

CEO Abdallah Abu Sheikh envisions expansion and announces significant partnerships in Telecom and Fintech.

Astra Tech records meteoric growth with a 300% increase in transactions, totaling 1.3 Billion Dirhams in four months.

Astra Tech's chat app, BOTIM, now offers users a streamlined method to book flights, presenting a fresh approach to traditional booking procedures, confirmed by the company's CEO.

Earlier in May, the tech giant from UAE established a partnership with Etihad Airways, ensuring a smoother and upgraded booking process for its clientele.

Highlighting the increasing importance of chat platforms in today's digital age, Abdallah Abu Sheikh emphasized BOTIM's prominence in the Middle East, especially as a widely used voice-over-internet protocol application.

Etihad Airways' collaboration with the platform underscores BOTIM's established trust with users and businesses. Drawing from its success, Astra Tech is exploring expansion into fields like travel, hospitality, public services, and Saudi Arabian bill payments.

Speaking to Arab News during the Future Investment Initiative, Abu Sheikh shared, "Our collaboration with Etihad introduced many to the convenience of chat-based bookings. This method is faster and more cost-effective for those unfamiliar with traditional web bookings."

He further noted the positive response from users, with plans to collaborate with additional travel partners beyond just Etihad. The CEO stressed the importance of complying with global regulations, especially voice-over IP, underscoring Astra Tech's dedication to maintaining user and data protection standards.
Abu Sheik discussed plans: "We're in the final stages of two major partnerships focused on telecoms and fintech. We aim to expand our footprint in the GCC, with substantial plans specifically for Saudi Arabia."

The CEO also touched upon BOTIM's feature allowing investments in national bonds, presenting it as a stable option for investors. Astra Tech aims to simplify and promote this avenue for its users.

Globally, the firm is making strides. With a significant user base in India and a new banking permit in the Philippines, Astra Tech's vision is to cater to an even wider audience, aligning with its burgeoning user numbers.

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"Our next move is to consistently enhance our services, catering to our nearly 200 million users, surpassing the Middle Eastern market," added Abu Sheikh.
Astra Tech's meteoric rise is evident from their staggering growth figures – with a nearly 300% month-on-month transaction surge. In a recent report, the firm recorded transactions amounting to over 1.3 billion dirhams ($350 million) in a mere four-month span, redefining fintech benchmarks in the area.

"We anticipate this figure to multiply by year-end," Abu Sheikh optimistically stated.

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