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Careem employs GenAI for enhanced routing optimization

Careem employs GenAI for enhanced routing optimization
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Wael Salloum reveals Careem's strategic use of generative AI to enhance pricing and routing at the Dubai assembly.

Talabat's senior director highlights the significance of nurturing local talent amidst tech evolution.

SuperWorld CEO Hrish Lotlikar discusses GenAI in personalization and ethical challenges in the AI-transformed society.

Today, at the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, Wael Salloum, Vice President of Data and AI at Careem, shed light on how the Dubai-based super app is integrating generative AI to refine pricing, routing, estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions, and bolster developer productivity.

Salloum extolled the virtues of generative AI in a panel discussion themed 'More Breakthrough Moments: How Agile Companies are Leveraging GenAI.' He delineated its transformative impact on Careem's customer engagement and how it has broadened user accessibility to the app's offerings. Careem, according to Salloum, is spearheading "several initiatives" that harness the capabilities of AI.

Muhammed Atef Hassouna, Talabat's Senior Director of Machine Learning, Algorithms, and AI, also spotlighted emerging technologies' significant role in the app's operation. He emphasized the critical nature of cultivating local expertise in the technological arena. Hassouna articulated, "We are staunch believers in nurturing our current talent pool. The advent of disruptive technologies necessitates novel ideas, predominantly from youth."

Joining the panel was Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld. He discussed generative AI's potential to amplify personalization, particularly in search functionalities.

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Lotlikar expressed enthusiasm about exploring content creation, focusing on diverse content forms, bespoke avatars, and heightened visualization. He shared, "In virtual real estate, we aspire to provide analytics that empowers buyers and sellers on SuperWorld to formulate strategies for procuring locations. This methodology assists them in assessing the enduring performance of these spots and discerning the best practices for their monetization."

Addressing generative AI's ethical and responsibility aspects, Lotlikar remarked, "With society evolving alongside AI, it's imperative to establish stringent processes to safeguard data privacy, uphold user rights, and ensure content veracity."
The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI gathered a crowd of 2,200 attendees, uniting global technological giants and consultancies like Microsoft, Meta, IBM, PwC, Deloitte, SAP, Nokia, and McKinsey, to name a few.

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