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Arab Media Forum in Dubai concludes with glimpses into an AI-driven tomorrow

Arab Media Forum in Dubai concludes with glimpses into an AI-driven tomorrow
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Arab Media Forum in Dubai concludes: AI and soft power take center stage.

Anwar Gargash stresses the need for regional stability and economic growth.

Arab and Western Media contrasted: Al-Nuaimi highlights value-based differences.

The Arab Media Forum's 21st edition concluded in Dubai this Wednesday, gathering top media personalities, ministers, local and global media organization leaders, intellectuals, and authors to deliberate on the media's future trajectory.

In two days, the forum emphasized two central topics: the repercussions of artificial intelligence on media and the role of film and drama in exerting soft power.

Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammad Al-Maktoum underscored culture's pivotal role in societal contexts, asserting its inextricable link with the creative economy, foundational for national progress.

Anwar Gargash, the UAE president's diplomatic consultant, accentuated the significance of regional unity for harmonious coexistence. "Stability stands as the foundational pillar. It's essential for the UAE and the entire region because it can't be achieved in isolation. The emphasis should be on harmonizing the region rather than magnifying conflicts. Hostilities come at a significant cost for all involved. Hence, stability is paramount, followed by a geo-economic perspective that prioritizes economic prosperity," he elaborated.
Most participants believed that AI holds the potential for problem-solving in an efficient and budget-friendly manner. Yet, some media professionals voiced concerns over AI potentially disseminating misleading news and potentially leading to job cuts in the media domain.

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Bahrain's Information Minister, Ramzan Abdulla Al-Nuaimi, and H.E. Karam Gabr, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council for Media Regulation, explored the contrasts between Arab media and Western practices.
Al-Nuaimi remarked, "Every nation upholds its unique legal, ethical, and cultural framework. The West often misconstrues our approach towards journalism and media, overlooking that we operate based on our values, not theirs."

Both leaders concurred on the necessity of providing the younger generation with economic avenues to showcase their creativity and articulate their views and concerns constructively.

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