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UAE’s Ministry of Education collaborates with ASI to introduce AI-driven student Tutoring System

UAE's Ministry of Education collaborates with ASI to introduce AI-driven student Tutoring System
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Ministry of Education and ASI announce collaboration to launch AI-driven educational tutor.

AI Tutoring platform aims to align with UAE's National Curriculum, enhancing the educational framework.

MoE's AI Tutor pilot project is set for a soft launch in December 2023 with ASI's expertise.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has unveiled a collaborative venture with ASI (previously known as Digest AI) to roll out an AI-driven educational tutor. ASI, an education tech leader based in the UAE, is recognized for its expertise in crafting AI-centric tutoring systems.

This collaboration is part of the ministry's efforts to elevate the UAE's education standards, making it future-ready and empowering students to tackle forthcoming challenges. It adds to the ministry's previous declaration at the World Government Summit 2023 to incorporate AI innovations to enhance the educational framework.

With this partnership, MoE will extend all essential support for successfully launching the AI Tutor pilot project, ensuring it aligns with the UAE's educational curriculum by offering the needed content, guidelines, and data.

ASI's responsibility is to design, tailor, and introduce the AI Tutor platform in coherence with the UAE's academic curriculum. They will be deploying this AI platform in collaboration with the ministry.

Highlighting the significance of education in society, Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, the Education Minister, stated that the MoE remains committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies like generative AI into the education system. This enhances innovation and provides digital resources responsive to every student's requirements. Dr. Al Falasi remarked, "In this age of technology, especially with AI tutors coming into the fray, we strive to bridge the capabilities of teachers with AI, ensuring our educational sector remains at the forefront."

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Quddus Pativada, ASI's CEO and Founder, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. "Merging ASI's AI tutoring solutions with MoE's extensive resources has the potential to revolutionize education for countless students. This synergy ensures a personalized learning journey for every student, and we're thrilled about the potential transformations in the educational landscape."

The project will be rolled out systematically, commencing with its developmental stage and anticipating a soft launch by December 2023.

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