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The new startup targets Saudi coastal city for its inaugural tourism venture

The new startup targets Saudi coastal city for its inaugural tourism venture
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Baheej chose a Saudi coastal city for the inaugural tourism project aligned with Vision 2030.

Baheej collaborates with local entrepreneurs to enhance touristic experiences in Saudi Arabia.

Asfar and AWN enterprises join forces to support the Kingdom's expanding tourism strategy.

The coastal city of Saudi Arabia has been chosen as the inaugural tourism project for Baheej, aiming to enrich tourist destinations in alignment with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Inaugurated Tuesday through AWN Enterprises and Tamimi Group collaboration, Baheej intends to scrutinize each Saudi city to discern gaps in tourist activities. An executive associated with Baheej shared more insights during an interview at the Future Hospitality Summit in Abu Dhabi.
"We're in the preliminary stages. The development of our first asset is projected to be completed by early 2027," commented Abdulrahman Al-Bassam, AWN Enterprises' executive chairman and Baheej board member. Although precise details about the location were withheld, it was confirmed that the focus would be on a coastal city.

Al-Bassam is optimistic about Baheej's role in assisting Saudi Arabia in achieving its tourism diversification targets, aiming to draw 100 million local and international tourists annually by 2030. Norah Al-Tamimi, from one of the Kingdom's prominent family businesses, has been designated interim CEO.
Al-Bassam elaborated on Baheej's mission, "Every project begins with assessing the destination. We aim to provide tailored solutions depending on the needs, whether in hospitality or amenities like beach facilities."

Baheej strongly emphasizes destination management, collaborating closely with local administrations, and uplifting local entrepreneurs. "For instance, if a local tour operator possesses a few horses, we'll equip them with the necessary resources and marketing prowess to transform it into a tourist attraction," the executive added.

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Al-Bassam highlighted Asfar's influential role earlier this year, highlighting its emergence from the Public Investment Fund, aiming to bolster the Kingdom's tourism vision, a significant element of Vision 2030.
He added, "Our coalition, comprising Tamimi Group and AWN Enterprises, brings expertise from sectors like contracting, professional services, hospitality, and catering."

Al-Bassam perceives the shortcomings in Saudi tourism not as challenges but as avenues to enhance the tourist experience. He believes each Saudi town possesses a distinct charm, and Baheej aspires to harness that uniqueness.

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