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ClearPier purchases UAE-based MQuest for $35 Million

ClearPier purchases UAE-based MQuest for $35 Million
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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ClearPier Buys UAE's Media Quest Group for $35 Million.

ClearPier, a Canadian company specializing in performance advertising, was founded in 2010 by Jignesh Shah and Sunil Abraham. On the other hand, MQuest, a data-driven marketing startup established in 2020 by John Rowe, Jay (Mitul) Bhojani, and Lorraine Hall, connects advertisers with consumers showing strong buying intentions.

The acquisition bolsters ClearPier's footprint in the GCC and Europe.

ClearPier, a global frontrunner in performance advertising technology, has made a monumental move by acquiring the UAE's Media Quest Group (MQuest) in a $35M deal. This acquisition marks the latest stride in ClearPier's deliberate series of buyouts, which started in May 2022 and includes notable names such as PubPlus, Cygobel, and Hang My Ads. As the company continually broadens its tech-savvy performance marketing horizons, adding MQuest amplifies its dominance in North America and spreads its influence across the GCC and Europe. With an expanding footprint in 17 countries and a vision rooted in delivering cutting-edge performance marketing solutions, ClearPier is set on a relentless growth trajectory. This is further enhanced by integrating MQuest, a newcomer yet a force to be reckoned with, renowned for its innovative customer acquisition methodologies and a stellar team of industry veterans. The collaborative endeavor promises a synergy that will redefine the data-driven marketing landscape.

Press release:

ClearPier, one of the world’s leading performance advertising technology companies is acquiring UAE-based Media Quest Group (MQuest) for $35M. The deal is the latest in Clearpier’s strategic sequence of acquisitions, beginning with its May 2022 acquisition of advertising technology company, PubPlus for $60M, followed by Cygobel for $40M and Hang My Ads, for $35 million, both in Q4 2022.

The company has persistently expanded its data and tech-driven performance marketing capabilities to serve clients globally – and with the MQuest acquisition, it further strengthens its offering in not only North America but also across GCC and Europe. With the addition of MQuest, the company now operates in 17 countries, with more regions onboarding every quarter.

“Our vision has remained clear, as has our journey to powerfully serve our clients with the absolute best end-to-end tech-driven performance marketing solutions. We’ve done this and will continue to do this through the right unique strategic acquisitions, which, frankly, is ahead of our market. Us being out in front, if not ahead, benefits our clients greatly,” said Sunil Abraham, ClearPier CEO. “At the same time, we are excited to welcome the founders of MQuest in our journey to build a best-in-class performance marketing company for our clients. John Rowe, chairman of MQuest Group, brings years of experience in high-growth businesses including in public companies, such as National World PLC. His knowledge will be critical in working alongside ClearPier founders in defining the governance framework required to continue the aggressive growth of ClearPier in a sustainable manner.”

MQuest Group, a pioneering enterprise in the data-centric marketing industry, has built its reputation on the foundation of an innovative customer acquisition engine that bridges the gap between advertisers and consumers exhibiting high purchase intent. Established fewer than three years ago, the company is the brainchild of accomplished industry veterans with diverse backgrounds spanning decades, with expertise in digital media, start-up ventures, and revenue optimization. Their leadership has positioned MQuest Group at the forefront of successful customer acquisition and strategic marketing solutions.

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“It has been a fantastic achievement by everyone in MQuest Group to develop the business to $40M revenue in fewer than three years,” said John Rowe, MQuest’s UAE-based Chairman. “It’s clear that to accelerate this growth further we need the support that being part of the ClearPier group will bring us, and we are delighted to be joining a business that shares a similar culture and vision of the future as ours.”

MQuest will remain an independent company within the ClearPier Group, run by the current MQuest board. 

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