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Saudi ATHAR Festival Chairman’s: ”Poised to become Kingdom’s largest creative marketing event”

Saudi ATHAR Festival Chairman's: ''Poised to become Kingdom's largest creative marketing event''
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Athar Festival is set to become Saudi Arabia's premier creative marketing gathering.

The Saudi advertising sector is projected to reach $2.79 Billion by 2027.

Athar Festival introduces special programs for young talent and women in marketing.

According to the event's chairman, Saudi Arabia's Athar Festival is poised to become the Kingdom's premier gathering for the creative marketing sector.

Scheduled for Nov. 13-16 at Riyadh's Crowne Plaza Hotel, the event anticipates 1,500 participants and will introduce 12 academies tailored for emerging professionals.

Ian Fairservice, Festival Chairman and the lead at Motivate Media Group, emphasized the festival's intention to magnify participation in cultural and entertainment avenues while presenting Saudi talent internationally.

He noted that the rise in content demand within the Kingdom has made advertising a core element. "With high content consumption and a tech-inclined populace, projections suggest the Saudi advertising sector will expand by 6.81% from 2023 to 2027, hitting $2.79 billion by 2027," he stated.

The Athar Festival seeks to be a nexus for showcasing Saudi creativity, fostering relationships, and promoting collaborations between local and global entities.

Highlighting the essence of creativity, Fairservice remarked, "It's the fountainhead of innovation, fueling efficiency and enhancing competitiveness. This creativity births fresh ideas that evolve into pioneering products and campaigns."
He added that companies that harness their unique perspective are most likely to flourish.

Attendees can anticipate experiential learning through workshops, masterclasses, and sessions helmed by industry experts.

Given that most Saudis are below 40, the Athar Festival has curated programs to uplift this young demographic. "The festival will host academies spanning areas like design and PR, exclusively for those under 30. These academies aim to equip them with practical training, paving their path towards realizing their potential," Fairservice explained.

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Additionally, a program for mid-tier marketers and a mentorship scheme for women in the marketing sector of the Kingdom are on the agenda.

The festival's roots trace back to 2007, after the initiation of the Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards. Recognizing regional creativity, it has seen significant growth, underscored by Saudi Arabia's coveted Grand Prix Award at the renowned Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Fairservice concluded.

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