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Mediclinic Middle East debuts UAE’s first ‘Healthy Ageing’ initiative

Mediclinic Middle East debuts UAE's first 'Healthy Ageing' initiative
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

2 min

Mediclinic Middle East introduces groundbreaking 'Healthy aging' program on an international Day for Older Persons.

Cognetivity's CognICA tool powers Mediclinic's new screening for early detection of cognitive disorders.

Mediclinic champions proactive healthy aging offers innovative screening at critical Dubai hospitals.

On the occasion of the International Day for Older Persons on October 1st, Mediclinic Middle East has unveiled its groundbreaking 'Healthy Ageing' program. This is a pioneering step in the UAE's private healthcare realm. In response to The Lancet's projection of a 1700% surge in dementia-related conditions in the UAE by 2050, this initiative has been established to resonate with the World Health Organization's objectives for healthy aging. Mediclinic's primary mission is to offer superior care for the 50+ demographic in the UAE. Initially introduced in Dubai, Mediclinic City Hospital already provides specialized services to mature adults overseen by expert geriatric consultants.

The program's initial rollout introduces the 'Healthy Ageing' screening package, accessible to all clients over 50 on a self-pay basis. It emphasizes early detection of age-related ailments, particularly cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

A standout feature of this package is the brain health assessment via CognICA from Connectivity. This state-of-the-art digital health tool marries cutting-edge brain research with artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a comprehensive brain health evaluation in just five minutes. This assessment is instrumental in pinpointing those with cognitive issues or those potentially at risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Prompt intervention is vital for mental health, and the incorporation of AI in early detection can decelerate dementia progression and optimize overall health outcomes.

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Dr. Pietie Loubser, Mediclinic Middle East's Chief Medical Officer, shared, "Mediclinic recognizes the significance of proactive, healthy aging and early disease detection. Our innovative 'Healthy Ageing' screening, tailored for the 50+ group, is set to be pivotal in preserving our clients' overall health and cognition as they age. Our team can suggest treatment and lifestyle modifications through timely diagnoses to mitigate or slow the onset of age-related conditions. By championing active aging, we aim to equip our patients with tools to manage their health and wellness. This enhances life quality and reduces chances of disorders like dementia or other chronic ailments."

Dr. David Curran, Geriatric Consultant at Mediclinic City Hospital, remarked, "This initiative is truly revolutionary. Incorporating CognICA will equip family medicine practitioners, geriatricians, and neurologists to perform cognitive evaluations for those aged 50 and above. Early identification of cognitive challenges mirrors Mediclinic's commitment to preventive care, fostering the utmost patient health and life quality."

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