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e &’s Etisalat achieves Record-Breaking 5G download speeds exceeding 13 Gbps

e &'s Etisalat achieves Record-Breaking 5G download speeds exceeding 13 Gbps
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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e &'s Etisalat hits groundbreaking 5G download speed of over 13 Gbps in collaboration with Ericsson.

UAE cements position as world's fastest mobile-connected country with latest 5G milestone.

Advanced 5G implementation promises enhanced AR gaming, superior streaming, and industrial IoT innovations.

Today, e &'s Etisalat proclaimed their achievement of a groundbreaking 5G download speed surpassing 13 Gbps, solidifying the UAE's rank as the globe's fastest mobile-connected country.

This accomplishment, a joint effort with Ericsson, materialized through the inauguration of the first node implementation in e &'s Etisalat commercial setup. The tech underlying this is Ericsson's 5G standalone solutions, utilizing a blend of New Radio Dual Connectivity and carrier aggregation software. This technique consolidates components from nine carriers, encompassing both mid-band and millimeter wave frequencies, culminating in a total bandwidth of 900MHz.

Such unparalleled data transmission speeds promise to cater to the surging necessity for superior connectivity. They pave the way for riveting applications ranging from augmented reality-backed cloud gaming and fixed wireless access to pioneering video streaming, industrial IoT integrations, and cutting-edge intelligent factories.

Khalid Murshed, Etisalat's Chief Tech and Information Officer, remarked, "We're proud of pioneering 5G innovations in the UAE, achieving this unprecedented 5G speed on our live network. Ericsson, our esteemed tech partner, has been pivotal in realizing our vision for a world-class network delivering top-tier user experiences. We're exploring the deployment of this advanced setup in high-demand 5G zones like sports arenas, event locales, and metro hubs."

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Ericsson's VP for the e& Global Customer Unit in the Middle East and Africa, Ekow Nelson, commented, "Our commitment at Ericsson is to empower e &'s Etisalat in realizing a global benchmark 5G network, aligned with the UAE Vision 2031. We're collaborating to exploit the full prowess of the latest Ericsson Radio System portfolio, and we're delighted about co-achieving this download speed milestone."

The enduring collaboration between Ericsson and e &'s Etisalat revolves around constructing and managing an avant-garde 5G network, thereby granting consumers, businesses, and industries access to superior connectivity and augmented mobility solutions.

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