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Hambro Perks Spring Studios invests in Bahrain’s Daleel

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

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Daleel, a leading financial marketplace in MENA, secures investments from Hambro Perks Spring Studios, Flat6Labs UAE, and others.

The platform connects individuals with the best financial products and helps banks acquire customers more effectively. Led by CEO PK Shrivastava, Daleel aims to narrow the gap between consumers and financial institutions.

The investment will fuel Daleel's expansion in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, enabling the company to obtain an Open Banking license and launch significant financial partnerships.

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PK Shrivastava expresses excitement about the investment, highlighting its potential for transformative growth.

Zainab Khamis from HP Spring Studios and Ryaan Sherif from Flat6Labs UAE praise Daleel's innovative approach and its positive impact on the MENA fintech landscape.

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