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Saudi Arabia aims to be a top destination for yachting enthusiasts

Saudi Arabia aims to be a top destination for yachting enthusiasts
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Red Sea Global partners with Monaco Marina management to boost Saudi's yachting appeal.

Amaala Yacht Club eyes La Belle Classe destinations certification amidst sustainable yachting initiative.

Amaala's 2025 debut showcases eight resorts and over 1,200 hotel rooms as Saudi's Luxury destination.

On Thursday, megaproject developer Red Sea Global unveiled a new alliance with Monaco Marina Management (M3) to elevate Saudi Arabia's standing as a critical yachting hub.

This collaboration aims to align Amaala Yacht Club, a venture of Red Sea Global, with the prerequisites and quality benchmarks necessary for the La Belle Classe Destinations certification.

Jose Marco Casellini, the Chief Executive of M3, expressed enthusiasm about aligning both organizations' visions for sustainable yachting. He highlighted the shared objective of elevating Amaala Yacht Club and promoting Saudi Arabia as a prominent name in the global yachting community.

The La Belle Classe Destinations accolade, steered by the Yacht Club de Monaco, celebrates destinations that embody maritime ethics, uphold etiquette, and prioritize environmental conservation.

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Under this partnership, there are plans to establish a sailing academy, bolster training initiatives and recruitment efforts, and offer exclusive seasonal opportunities for members, young cadets, and the youth.
John Pagano, Red Sea Global's Group CEO, emphasized the importance of knowledge-sharing in this collaboration. "Our core philosophy revolves around empowering Saudi citizens. With top-tier training available in Monaco and at Amaala for our marina staff, we are steadfast in our commitment to craft destinations for and by the people of Saudi Arabia," he remarked.

Amaala's inaugural phase will debut in 2025, featuring eight resorts boasting 1,200 hotel rooms. When fully realized, Amaala will host over 3,900 rooms across 29 hotels, around 1,200 upscale residential properties, and a myriad of amenities, from high-end shopping and gourmet dining to wellness and equestrian facilities.

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