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Netflix gears up to launch new Saudi short film series

Netflix gears up to launch new Saudi short film series
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Netflix's 'New Saudi Voices' second installment releases Friday with 14 short films.

Acclaimed writer Faisal Buhaishi's 'Last Chance to Fall in Love' highlights the Netflix collection.

Nuha El-Tayeb: Netflix anthology showcases the richness of Saudi culture and rising filmmakers.

Netflix is gearing up for the Friday release of its "New Saudi Voices" film collection's second installment.

This volume boasts 14 shorts, which graced the screens of the Red Sea International Film Festival, with some even clinching titles at the 48-hour Filmmaking Challenge.

Highlighted films include the drama pieces "Old Phone Number" by Ali Saeed and "Zabarjad" by Hussain Almutliq, delving deep into the complexities of personal evolution amidst ties to one's history.

Another notable entry is "Last Chance to Fall in Love," penned by acclaimed writer Faisal Buhaishi, tracing the poignant tale of an elderly man's reunion with his primary love after a gap of 50 years.

Venturing into the realm of fantasy, "A Swing" by the duo Raneem and Dana Almohandes narrates a young girl's whimsical forest quest in search of an enchanted swing her father once mentioned.

Additionally, "Lucky You're Mine" by Nora Abu Shusha lays bare the often-hidden intricacies of marital life. In contrast, "Tea Leaf" by Mohammed Baqer delves into the heartache and remorse surrounding broken relationships.

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The collection also showcases "Requiem for Silence" by Majed Z. Samman, "Forward" by Fahad Alotaibi, and "Othman" by Khaled Zeidan, among others.

Nuha El-Tayeb, overseeing content for Netflix in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, remarked, "This second volume is more than a mere anthology of short films; it's a salute to untapped narratives and a nod to the artistic flair of rising movie makers."
She emphasized the films' capacity to "bridge gaps and offer audiences a glimpse into the richness and vibrancy of Saudi tradition. We firmly believe that compelling tales, no matter their origin, can resonate universally."

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