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Saudi Research Institute introduces the first robotic employee to enhance healthcare services in the Kingdom

Saudi Research Institute introduces the first robotic employee to enhance healthcare services in the Kingdom
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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King Faisal Specialist Hospital introduces humanoid robot employee Nour R1.

Nour R1 to revolutionize healthcare with advanced information services in Arabic and English.

KFSHRC reinforces commitment to digital innovation, ranking 20th globally in healthcare excellence.

Saudi Arabia's King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center recently introduced "Nour R1," their first humanoid robot employee, designed to support staff and visitors.

Hospital executives highlighted that Nour R1 is equipped to provide advanced information and communication technology services. This robotic introduction aims to improve the experience for the hospital's staff and patients.

Nour R1's capabilities include efficiently answering questions, marking a notable shift in technology adoption within Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector.

Positioned in the hospital's Healthcare Information Technology Affairs department, Nour R1 responds to technical support inquiries in both Arabic and English.

One of the standout features of Nour R1 is its ability to engage in conversations, recognize staff members by their faces, and potentially undertake tasks such as guiding visitors, answering patient questions, and providing real-time information on hospital happenings.

Dr. Osama Alswailem, KFSHRC's Chief Information Officer, remarked, "With Nour R1 joining our team, we aim to elevate the services for our esteemed staff. This state-of-the-art technology resonates with our dedication to digital progression, letting our staff center on their primary tasks while Nour offers convenience and efficiency."

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KFSHRC expressed that Nour R1's inclusion reaffirms its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for operational efficiency, enhanced patient care, and exploring the realms of robotics and AI. Additionally, they aim to foster a better internal atmosphere using interactive technologies, benefiting all.

Globally recognized for its healthcare excellence, KFSHRC stands 20th worldwide in 2023 and tops the list in the Middle East and Africa, according to Brand Finance.

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