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STC Group partners with Red Sea Global to accelerate digital transformation

STC Group partners with Red Sea Global to accelerate digital transformation
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Saudi Arabia's STC Group partners with Red Sea Global to amplify digital advancements along the coastline.

Bespoke connectivity solutions with 5G power to enhance the tourist experience at The Red Sea and AMAALA destinations.

Saudi Arabia is celebrated as a digital leader, ranking second among G20 nations in digital readiness.

A strategic alliance has been forged between Saudi Arabia's STC Group and Red Sea Global, aiming to amplify digital transformation in the Red Sea coastal region.

This collaborative effort seeks to enrich tourist hotspots along the coastline by integrating state-of-the-art communication technologies and digital offerings, as revealed in a recent statement.

Red Sea Global's (RSG) objective of driving change aligns seamlessly with this partnership as they work jointly to pioneer innovations that reshape the industry and cultivate a thriving global community.

Olayan Mohammed Al-Wetaid, STC Group CEO, expressed, "In our ongoing journey to digitally reshape the Kingdom, we're thrilled to align with The Red Sea destination, which stands as a monumental national initiative."

Al-Wetaid further emphasized the project's national importance and the group's dedication to enhancing it using their expertise.
The agreement outlines STC Group's commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity to The Red Sea and AMAALA destinations, introducing bespoke solutions, and possibly expanding to freshly developed zones in the foreseeable future. The suite of solutions features both fixed and mobile services powered by 5G, in addition to leveraging the group's data center capabilities.

John Pagano, CEO of RSG Group, commented, "The integration of technology is pivotal to our vision for The Red Sea and AMAALA, ranging from providing unparalleled services to our guests to continuous environmental monitoring."

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Furthermore, Pagano lauded STC's technological prowess, asserting that it not only meets but surpasses the elevated standards of their guests, aligning perfectly with their mission of championing sustainable tourism.

In a notable mention from March, Saudi Arabia was distinguished as the second among the G20 nations and fourth worldwide in digital readiness. This acknowledgment by the UN's International Telecommunication Union came in light of Saudi Arabia's strides in establishing a robust regulatory structure and pivoting towards a digitized cooperative regulation model, fostering the growth of the digital sector, as cited in the ITU report.

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