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Bokra Secures $4.6 Million to Revolutionize Wealth Management in MENA

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

1 min

Cairo-based fintech startup Bokra has successfully closed a $4.6 million pre-seed funding round. The investment was led by DisrupTech Ventures and SS Capital, along with other contributors. This funding will propel Bokra to launch its innovative wealth management platform, which will offer goal-based investment and saving products through asset-backed securities—a first in the MENA region.

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Founded by financial veteran Ayman El-Sawy, Bokra aims to democratize wealth management by empowering retail investors and SMEs to invest across various asset classes easily. The Bokra app will offer personalized investment planning and enable fractional ownership of diversified products, addressing common challenges such as non-transparent fees and fragmented investment applications.

The platform is set to launch in Q2 2024 and will feature tools to help users manage and grow their investments effectively, ensuring financial inclusion and smart investing throughout the MENA region.

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