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Wosul Introduces New Self-Service Kiosk System

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

1 min

Wosul Financial Technology Company has launched the WOSUL Kiosk system to streamline customer ordering. This innovative solution allows for self-service through kiosks, enabling users to efficiently place orders and make direct payments using various methods including Apple Pay, credit cards, and loyalty programs.

Founded in 2020, Wosul specializes in cloud systems and digital payment solutions. The new kiosks aim to reduce wait times, particularly during busy periods, enhancing the customer experience by simplifying the ordering and payment process.

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This initiative is part of Wosul’s commitment to supporting the Financial Sector Development Program under Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to foster a cashless society and boost financial and digital technology innovation.

With the WOSUL Kiosk system, Wosul continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that ensure easy access to financial services.

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