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Saudi Arabia joins 27 Other Nations in signing the Bletchley Declaration for responsible AI use

Saudi Arabia joins 27 Other Nations in signing the Bletchley Declaration for responsible AI use
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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28 Countries, including Saudi Arabia and UAE, endorsed the Bletchley Declaration at the AI Safety Summit in London.

Global Leaders discuss AI's potential and Risks at the Bletchley Park event and emphasize the need for collaborative action.

Saudi Data and AI Chief Al-Ghamdi engages in Bilateral AI discussions and highlights its role in Saudi's Vision 2030.

At the AI Safety Summit, held at Bletchley Park in North West London, 28 countries, notably Saudi Arabia UAE, endorsed the "Bletchley Declaration." This agreement promotes the secure and responsible deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

On the first day of this two-day event, they witnessed Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, the head of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, alongside ministers from various nations and senior tech representatives, coming together to pledge cooperation. Prominent signatories included the UK, the US, the EU, and China. Their collective intent revolves around managing the potentially grave risks and unintended outcomes AI might pose for society.

Three pivotal areas emerged from the summit discussions:

  • Recognizing the threats, AI could present.
  • Nations fostering risk-centered policies.
  • Backing a global research alliance dedicated to AI safety.

Officials highlighted the declaration as an avenue to bolster collaborative efforts in technology. Emphasis was placed on information sharing, transparency, and accountability in AI, underlining the necessity for united action to curb associated perils.

On the summit's concluding day, Al-Ghamdi convened with representatives from various countries, as reported by SPA. Critical discussions involved AI-centric topics, bilateral ties in AI between nations, and the overall activities at the summit, especially the Bletchley Declaration.

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In discussions with Jonathan Berry and Viscount Camrose, the British AI and IP minister, Al-Ghamdi explored AI themes and the potential to fortify ties between Saudi Arabia and the UK. Conversations with Gabriela Ramos of UNESCO touched on AI's potential in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals and ethical AI perspectives.

With Alexandra van Huffelen, the Dutch digitalization minister, the dialogue centered around framing AI within global controls to maximize its societal benefits. Lastly, Al-Ghamdi and Singapore's communications and information minister, Josephine Teo, examined strengthening tech ties in line with Saudi's Vision 2030 agenda.

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