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Olive Gaea, UAE cleantech startup, raises $1 Million in latest funding round

Olive Gaea, UAE cleantech startup, raises $1 Million in latest funding round
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Olive Gaea, Dubai's Cleantech Venture, obtains $1 Million from Cornerstone Ventures.

'Zero by Olive Gaea' platform to Aid MENA businesses in achieving Net Zero ambitions.

Olive Gaea harnesses AI to drive corporate environmental initiatives in the MENA region.

Olive Gaea, a cleantech venture rooted in Dubai, recently procured an investment of $1 million from Cornerstone Ventures. This influx will bolster its commitment to enhancing climate solutions across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Established in 2021 by visionary Vivek Tripathi, the company has driven the decarbonization movement, especially as Net Zero objectives gain prominence globally.
The startup's vision with this investment is to introduce 'Zero by Olive Gaea,' a bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored for businesses in the MENA region, to aid them in navigating the challenges of achieving Net Zero aspirations and overseeing carbon emissions.

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Commenting on the situation, Vivek Tripathi, Olive Gaea's co-founder and CEO, shared with StartupScene, "Being a MENA-rooted venture, we have an intrinsic grasp of the region's climate issues. The current business landscape is fraught with the urgency for decisive climate initiatives. Astonishingly, 91% of businesses grapple with assessing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A mere fraction succeeds in slashing their carbon footprints. Drawing from our collaboration with governments and corporates across MENA and India over the past two years, we've amassed deep insights into the obstacles they encounter in their decarbonization and Net Zero pursuits."

At the nexus of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and climate tech, Olive Gaea harnesses AI-powered solutions to champion corporate environmental initiatives and curtail carbon emissions. Given the evolving global landscape marked by stringent regulations and escalating demands for corporate accountability, Olive Gaea's 'Zero' platform is poised to be instrumental in supervising greenhouse gas emissions and transparent climate action disclosures in the MENA sphere.

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