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Egyptian HealthTech Almouneer secures $3.6M in seed funding for digital platform growth

Egyptian HealthTech Almouneer secures $3.6M in seed funding for digital platform growth
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Egypt's Almouneer HealthTech bags $3.6M for digital diabetes and obesity platform.

Almouneer sets eyes on Middle East and Africa expansion following successful seed funding.

DRU platform by Almouneer offers seamless patient care, boosted by a $3.6M investment.

Egypt-based healthtech Almouneer has garnered $3.6 million in seed funding to amplify its digital health platform specializing in diabetes and obesity treatments. Dubai's Global Ventures spearheaded this funding initiative, receiving support from global investors such as Proparco, Digital Africa through the Bridge Fund, and Wrightwood Investments, among others.
DRU, Almouneer's digital platform, emphasizes patient-oriented care. It empowers users to upload health records, retrieve recent medical data and medications, interface with healthcare professionals, and opt for individualized treatment and diet schedules.

The influx of funds will be channeled to enhance its service suite, which includes bespoke treatment strategies, an essentials marketplace, and a dedicated application for physicians. The firm eyes geographical expansion into strategic locations in Africa and the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, and Kenya.

This seed funding is a testament to Almouneer's thriving trajectory. Located in Giza, the startup caters to over 120,000 patients, facilitated by its nine-hospital network in Egypt. Within the last year, the company witnessed its business and revenue metrics double, as highlighted by CEO Noha Khater.

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In Khater's words, "This collaboration with Global Ventures and esteemed investors underscores our commitment to elevating healthcare standards for those grappling with diabetes and obesity. The funds will be instrumental in diversifying our offerings, penetrating new territories, and consistently delivering top-tier care."

This funding achievement underscores the escalating traction digital health startups are gaining in Africa and the Middle East. With diabetes and obesity being rampant health issues in these regions, platforms like DRU are pivotal. They not only offer patients a seamless way to navigate their health journey but also ensure uninterrupted engagement with healthcare experts.
With Almouneer's ambitious road map for product and regional expansion, it is poised to emerge as a forerunner in the digital health sector in Africa and the Middle East.

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