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Omani adtech Mubashir secures investment from ITHCA

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

1 min

ITHCA Group, an Omani investment firm backing 4th industrial revolution tech, invests in Mubashir, an Oman-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising network.

This funding will fuel Mubashir's expansion into new markets and enhance its tech advancements, aiming to offer effective advertising solutions regionally.

Ameer Al-Alawi from ITHCA Group praises Mubashir's innovative AdTech platform, emphasizing its potential to be a global player.

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Mubashir's digital network reaches millions in Oman, offering targeted campaigns through smart data and analytics, with a focus on infotainment.

This investment sets the stage for Mubashir's growth in the dynamic DOOH market.

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