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UAE: Emirati specialists develop AI-driven audit platform

UAE: Emirati specialists develop AI-driven audit platform
Mayssae Ajzannay
Mayssae Ajzannay

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Al Mersad: UAE's New AI-driven platform transforms auditing process.

ADAAi Dashboard Introduced: Enhancing decision-making with Real-time data.

Abu Dhabi accountability authority unveils innovative solutions at Gitex Global 2023.

A new AI-driven platform named Al Mersad, crafted by specialists from the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority in collaboration with (a G42 company), is set to transform the UAE's auditing landscape.

This innovation utilizes artificial intelligence and big data analytics to streamline the audit process, bolster governance, and safeguard public assets. Mahmoud Al Alawi, from the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, praised the Emirati team's dedicated efforts in realizing this cutting-edge tool.

Designed for precision, Al Mersad's system detects anomalies and assesses risks using complex data patterns, thus refining the traditionally cumbersome auditing tasks.

Wael Abdulqader Mahmoud, the authority's interim general director, stated, "The Al Mersad platform is our answer to simplifying the identification of fiscal discrepancies and providing a state-of-the-art governmental analysis instrument."
The system notably improves the auditing process's speed and precision by pairing AI with expert feedback. Mahmoud emphasized the platform's dedication to enhancing transparency, fostering trust in governmental activities, and protecting public finances.

This development was one of two pioneering platforms showcased by the authority at Gitex Global 2023.

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Accompanying Al Mersad is ADAAi, a unique internal tool featuring a secure dashboard for the authority's leadership. This dashboard provides up-to-the-minute data, facilitating timely, informed decisions.
Automating institutional processes, the ADAAi dashboard offers real-time insights into project completion rates and operational workflows. This real-time data empowers officials to align strategies and actions with operational goals, ensuring swift goal attainment.

Further, the dashboard aids task monitoring and optimizes resource allocation, from human capital to finances. The dashboard propels team capabilities by fostering transparency, cooperation, and accountability, promoting enhanced productivity in a rapidly evolving work environment.

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