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Receiptable secures pre-Seed round from HP Spring Studios

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

1 min

Fintech firm Receiptable secures its first institutional investor, HP Spring Studios, in a pre-seed funding round.

Led by HP Spring Studios, backed by Al Waha Fund of Funds and Hambro Perks, the investment will fuel Receiptable's growth, focusing on talent acquisition and platform development.

Receiptable's innovative approach revolutionizes digital receipts, bridging the gap between banks and retailers. Their solution delivers digital receipts directly to customers' bank apps, unlocking valuable spend data for enhanced customer experiences and business insights.

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Zainab Khamis, Head of HP Spring Studios, Bahrain, highlights the investment's alignment with Bahrain's fintech ecosystem development and potential for significant growth.

Chris Purdie, CEO of Receiptable, emphasizes the investment's role in enhancing post-purchase experiences and reducing paper receipts in Bahrain while fostering tech innovation and talent cultivation.

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