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Egypt’s Sprints raises $3 million bridge round

Waleed Khaled
Waleed Khaled

1 min, an AI-powered edtech startup revolutionizing education, secures a $3 million bridge fundraising round.

Backed by investors like EdVentures and CFYE, Sprints offers end-to-end solutions for tech talent development, including talent assessment, custom learning journeys, and job guarantees.

Since its launch in 2020, Sprints has delivered over 2.5 million learning hours and secured graduate employment with 300+ tech employers worldwide.

CEO Ayman Bazaraa expresses gratitude for the team's dedication and excitement for the future.

Yehia Abouelwafa from DisrupTech Ventures praises Sprints' all-in-one tech talent platform and commitment to revolutionize education.

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With an average rating of 4.8, Sprints has impacted over 52,000 learners and collaborated with governments and key organizations globally.

This funding will fuel Sprints' expansion into 10 new markets, bridging talent gaps and positioning MEA as a tech hub, aiming to empower over 200,000 learners to thrive in future tech jobs.

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