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“Worldie” Messi’s Stunning Ad Breaks Stereotypes About Saudi Arabia

Arageek Team
Arageek Team

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In an innovative tourism advertisement, global football icon Lionel Messi, who boasts over 500 million followers across social media platforms, unveils the lesser-known facets of Saudi Arabia. The ad uniquely and symbolically challenges the prevailing stereotypes about the Kingdom: each of Messi's kicks represents the shattering of these misconceptions.

The advertisement conveys the message that Saudi Arabia is not just a desert but a land of geographical diversity, featuring beaches, mountains, and modern cities.

Through scenes of Messi kicking a ball, the ad breaks the stereotype that Saudi culture is insular, highlighting its richness and openness to diversity and modernity.

It also dispels the notion that the Kingdom lacks events and activities, showing Messi demonstrating that it hosts numerous cultural, sports, and entertainment events.

Each kick in the advertisement symbolizes the dynamism and vitality of the Kingdom. Regarding women's roles in the Kingdom, the ad focuses on significant advancements in their status and rights, with scenes depicting their participation in various activities and professions.

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This advertisement marks a significant step in Saudi Arabia's efforts to enhance its global image, leveraging Messi's fame and influence to draw attention to these messages.

It portrays the Kingdom as a destination rich in culture and unique experiences, encouraging audiences to explore it themselves to discover its true beauty.

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